Character Creation Guidelines

Races allowed: Valacia has the following races with the following exceptions:

  • Humans: All variations allowed
  • Elves: All variations allowed except Drow.
  • Dwarves: All variations allowed
  • Halflings: All variations allowed
  • Gnomes: All variations allowed; however, they are a sub-type of halfling and
    don’t look so damn silly
  • Dragonborn: Reskinned as beefier humans
  • Tiefling: All variations exist (Demonic origins will have campaign effects)
  • Half-orc: Reskinned as beefier humans

Level: 1

Classes: All four basic fantasy sub-types are required: tank, mage, healer, thief.

  • Any book is okay, but I maintain veto power.
  • Note: FLAVOR IS MUTABLE. Classes are for dice mechanics only. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED to “reskin” any class in any way that is thematically viable. Call yourself and describe yourself how you want, the system is just for the dice.
  • Once you consider a class, contact DM; there may be additional restrictions that aren’t known to all

Stats: Point buy tbd


  • Classic 3×3 grid style alignment.
  • NO ANTISOCIAL ALIGNMENTS. This means your character must play well with your fellow players. If you can roleplay an evil, or chaotic neutral, or lawful good character and NOT be an asshole to your team, you can play it. If choosing one of those alignments will cause to you get a “does not play well with others” on your elementary school reportcard, don’t do it. * Please note that evil, chaotic neutral, and lawful good characters tend to be… troublesome, if you allow them to be. Thus, if you choose one of those, you MUST detail EXACTLY what your alignment means to your character, and why it won’t be a problem.
  • Alignment is important to the style of play here, but characters do not know what they are.


  • Considerable work required, which gives us something to do while playtesting software
  • Feel free to fill out different parts of the world as you do: gods, cities, noble houses, organizations, historical events anything in the related wiki pages that remains empty.
  • Gold tbd

House Rules

  • The DM is always right, and there WILL be changes. Rules are up for discussion. More of this will be available as we narrow the edition.
  • 3.5e style diagonal movement—Movement Costs are 1,2,1,2,etc. Meaning, if you’re moving diagonally in a straight line, you count “1,3,4,6,7,9,10…” and so on.
  • Allies provide cover in battle (meaning ranged attacks that go past an ally have a chance to hit said ally).
  • Items are up to the discretion of the DM. If you have an idea for a general weapon (e.g. a magical rapier) it will eventually show up. Specific items are up to the DM. Magical items are generally rare, and large shopping trips for them will be difficult at first.

Character Creation Guidelines

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