The Farie

What Everyone Knows:

  • Faeries are known to exist. They are “real,” but nothing is known of them for sure
  • Faeries are the subject of more folklore than any other being, including vampires and dragons, but no one seriously believes any of it except for kooks.


  • Faeries will steal the color from your eyes.
  • Faeries walk amongst us, and grant wishes to random people if you’re polite, or curses if you’re not. (So you should always be polite to strangers)
  • Faeries hide your possessions about your home when you aren’t looking. (Your missing keys explained)
  • Faeries are tiny, no bigger than your thumb. (That’s how they hide so easily)
  • On that note, most faeries live in carved out mushrooms, although royalty live in houses made out of flowers. (Gardens are nice)
  • Faeries tame spiders as workbeasts, and use their silk for threads in their looms. (They can even weave your fate in a spider’s web!)
  • Faeries come from the moon. (Where oceans and streams are made of milk, that they bathe in)
  • Human royalty is actually faeries in disguise— if they get wet, they’ll shrink back to their natural size. (Hence why you never see a noble out in the rain without a canopy!)
  • Faeries are benevolent creatures who will listen to your prayers, package them up in a silver box made of moonbeams, and deliver them to the gods, where they plead on your behalf for your wishes. (Be pious)
  • Faeries watch over good children while they sleep, and protect them from harm. (Sing a lullaby)

In short, Faries are the stuff of legends and myth

The Farie

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