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The setting is a small human land somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. To the west are mountains. To the east are mountains. To the north is dragon-infested wasteland. To the south is ocean.

  • The western mountains, appropriately called the Sinster Range (meaning Sinister, but lingual shifts over the centuries cause small changes to words, not names) are haunted, plagued by the undead and the unliving. It is said that no one living could survive there long, but there are reports of small tribes of orcs, or others, living in animalistic communities.
  • The mountains to the east, known as the Esterwall Range, is home to several dwarf clans. Historically, there have been several pitched battles and open wars with these clans, but for now there is a tense sort of peace.
  • The Ocean is patrolled by a surly seafaring folk of mixed backgrounds, and they’re strong enough to have forced a treaty with Valacia to dismantle any navy beyond simple fishing boats.
  • There is a wasteland to the north, known as the Har Wastes, named for being in the shadow of Mount Hargast. Dragons of different colors, communal and solitary occupy the wastes. They generally do not bother caravans, so long as they stick to the river that borders the western edge of the wastes.
  • North of the wastelands is the Sylvia Wood, in which is a nation of elves who call their land “Vaedijhal”. Valacia is in peace with them and maintain a healthy trade relationship with them. After all, the elves are the only source of magical weapons in the world besides dragon hoards, ancient treasure troves, and other such found sources.

In recent years, there have been extended efforts to establish a firm trading route between Valacia and Vaedijhal, and there has been some success. By skirting the Har Wastes in small caravans, it is possible, more often than not, to send riverboats to the edge of Sylvia woods and back without attracting draconic attention— if lucky, and if threatening enough, and if small enough. From there, it is a long journey by foot through the forest before one can reach Vaedjhar proper, but trails never seem to stay put, making it easy to get lost without elven guides. But it’s worth it. A single mule that returns to Valacia loaded with enchanted items and magical weapons can make you fabulously wealthy.

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